Getting started with Apache Spark and Scala on Windows


This tutorial is intended for people who really need to run Apache Spark on windows. Usually it would be better to run it in a Linux VM or on Docker.

There are a few things that cause problems with Spark on windows. But using this way of installation I managed to minimize the impact.

Getting the needed files

First, download the spark-1.6.0-bin-hadoop2.6.tgz file from the Apache Spark Downloads website. You should also install a program to open it, for example 7zip.

Next, download hadoop2.6.0 for Windows

This is all we will need.

Putting everything together

Extract both files to their own folders.

Open the environment variables settings. Add your Spark bin folder to your PATH variable and create a new SPARK_HOME environment variable and set it to your Apache Spark base folder.

Next, create another environment variable named HADOOP_HOME and set it to your hadoop base folder.

Preparing the configuration files

Open the conf folder in your Apache Spark base location. There should be a file called, change the name to

For the sake of convenience you can open the file and change the value of rootCategory from INFO to WARN.

Launching it

After trying different ways, this one seems to be the least error-prone:

To launch the master open the command line and type in:

spark-class.cmd org.apache.spark.deploy.master.Master

Next, open your browser, and navigate to: http://localhost:8080/

There you should see the address of your spark master, like spark://

Open another command line, and start one worker using:

spark-class.cmd org.apache.spark.deploy.worker.Worker masteraddress

That’s it, spark is running.

To run the spark shell, use:

spark-shell –master masteraddress

To submit a packaged application jar, use:

spark-submit –class mainclassname –master masteraddress packagedjarlocation

Have fun with it!